Horae Subsecivae John Brown Signed 2.5X4.75 Envelope Mounted

Horae Subsecivae John Brown Signed 2.5X4.75 Envelope Mounted

Horae Subsecivae John Brown Signed 2.5X4.75 Envelope Mounted
"Horae Subsecivae" John Brown Signed 2.5X4.75 Envelope Mounted. (22 September 1810 - 11 May 1882) was a Scottish. Physician and essayist best known for his three-volume collection.

(Leisure Hours, 1858), which included essays and. Papers on art, medical history and biography. Of the first, his dog story. (1859), and his essays "Pet Marjorie" (1863), on. The ten-year-old prodigy and alleged.

Dogs", "Minchmoor", and "The Enterkine are best. Brown was half-brother to the organic chemist.

Was the son of the clergyman. Mother, Jane Nimmo, died when he was six years old. Brown, who was descended from eminent. Clergy, was educated at the.

He graduated with an M. 1833, and practised as a physician in the city. Subsequently acquired a large medical practice in Edinburgh at a time when. Infectious diseases took a heavy toll of life.

Brown was a sociable man: his. House at 23 Rutland Street was the scene of many social gatherings. They had three children, a baby who died shortly. After birth (a girl), a daughter, Helen, who was to marry Captain Alexander.

Laws, and a son "Jock" Brown. Helen Laws moved to Ireland and. However, Jock was to survive into the 20th century and.

Worked hard to pay tribute to his father, collecting all his letters, and. Working to erect a plaque on his house. Which remains to this day. And for a while was Honorary Librarian. He held strong views on the inappropriateness of examinations for evaluating.

Student progress and was unimpressed by the view that scientific advances were. Brown was the friend of many contemporaries. His reputation is based on the two volumes of. John Leech and Other Papers. His first writing was in response to a request for contributions.

To the notices of paintings exhibited by the. Newspaper then asked him to write. He was 48 years old when he published. Medical, of rural life, the. Notable characters, humble folk and canine friends. These were published as a. Which ran to many editions. Second with subjects outside his profession. Brown was revered and beloved to. Uncommon degree, and he was the cherished friend of many distinguished. Among those whose writing he. Schoolgirl in Leith, who would become a prolific novelist and writer for. In the mingling of tenderness and delicate. Humour, Brown has much in common with Lamb; in his insight into dog-nature he. He wrote comparatively little; but all he wrote is good, some of it. Brown suffered during the latter years of his life from.

Home at 23 Rutland Street in Edinburgh. On 11 May 1882, and was buried in his. Grave lies on the western side on the edge of one of the terraces.

To John and the base and are largely obscured, but it is confirmed by his.

Horae Subsecivae John Brown Signed 2.5X4.75 Envelope Mounted